Why "Hairinque"?

Hairinque is spring, freshness, renewal, nature taking back its rights, all this corresponds well to the values ​​that our brand carries: quality, naturalness, novelty, cheerfulness, colors. The fall is coming, we want to take care of ourselves with Hairinque!

What are the requirements of organic certification ?

These are certification criteria governing organic cosmetics:

  • The products do not contain GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic fragrances and dyes, or ingredients from animals (except those produced naturally by them or cochineal).
  • The products contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% of ingredients from organic farming. 10% may seem quite low, but you should know that a cosmetic contains a large amount of water and mineral ingredients (therefore non-agricultural). In reality, it is at least 95% of the plant ingredients that must be derived from biological agriculture.
  • The packaging is validated by Ecocert or Bureau Veritas for their lower impact on the environment

* Except for the dissolving bath and the nail polish which are not certified organic

How do you go about such low price ?
We reduce packaging and packaging to their simplest form, which helps reduce costs. In addition, we do not advertise and we do not pay muse to praise the quality of our products!
Where are your product manufactured ?

The vast majority of our cosmetics are made in France, if not in Italy and Spain.

Our accessories are made in Asia, always under the strict control of compliance with our specifications, which are as demanding as for our French productions. Where possible, we manufacture in France or Italy.

The country of manufacture is indicated on each product sheet on our website under the “Ingredients” section.

Where to find your products ?

You can find the full list of Hairinque products here. However, for the moment, you will only find our entire offer on the Hairinque website and in the Hairinque stores.

Can we receive sample ?

We cannot send samples because we do not manufacture samples. This is part of our ecological and cost reduction policy, in order to offer you high-quality products at very low prices. If you want to test Hairinque products before you buy them, check out the list of resellers near you.

Are you part of the Hairinque group ?

No, we have no connection with this industrial group. Founded in 2012, our human-sized company is based in the Texas. We market cosmetic products certified organic by independent organizations and recognized cruelty free by the association PETA. Indeed, in accordance with USA regulations, we do not perform any tests on animals. We are also against the practice of animal testing in non-USA markets.

Products & Ingredients

Do your products contain essential oil ?

Products containing essential oils are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If the product contains essential oil, this is mentioned on the product sheet. 

Do your products contain benzophenone-1 ?

Benzophenone-1 is a UV filter that allows the color to remain stable and not out of phase. It is present in very small quantities in our varnishes which are composed of more than 60% of ingredients of natural origin and free from the controversial ingredients that are generally found in varnishes.

Can we be allergic to your products ?

Safety tests are carried out by laboratories to ensure the maximum tolerance of our products. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no skin reactions even with a product you are using. Note: the simultaneous use of different products can also be at the origin of reactions. If you observe a skin reaction, do not hesitate to let us know to allow the improvement of our formulas and to maximize their tolerance.

My shampoo bar doesn't last all days

Shampoo bar from conventional brands contains synthetic substances, which provide a long-lasting effect. These substances (paraffin, mineral oil) in addition to drying out the lips, are harmful to health and the environment. They are prohibited by the organic cosmetics standard.

Is there palm oil in your products ?

We do not use palm oil, but indeed possible derivatives of palm oil are present in some of our formulas.

We would like to point out that certain ingredients such as palmitic acid - a possible derivative - can also come from palm oil or olive oil for example. At first glance, it is not possible to know whether it is truly a derivative of palm oil or not.

Environment And Animal

What is Hairinque doing in the favor of environment ?

- Most of our cosmetic range is made in the USA and Europe

- We reduce all unnecessary packaging and reuse the packaging boxes

- We do not print a receipt in our stores

- We supply ourselves with green electricity.

Are your packaging recyclable ? Are you going to bulk / refill ?

We are aware of the issues surrounding packaging and are actively working on these issues.

First of all, all our packaging is validated by Ecocert for its lower impact on the environment.

Plastic bottles, glass, aluminum deodorants, paper packaging are recyclable if thrown in the correct container.
For another packaging (tubes, plastic ball deodorant, lipstick), the sorting instructions vary locally. 

We have greatly reduced the plastic packaging around our accessories and our cosmetic products do not include cardboard overwrapping. We favor recyclable packaging as for our soaps which are wrapped in a sheet of paper.

In addition, a bulk system for shower gels is being implemented in our stores. It will be installed in our other stores that can accommodate the device. If the bulk is available, this information is indicated on the storage sheet.

Are your products cruelty free ?
We do not perform any tests on animals. As this is an obligation on the European market, we cannot use this argument for marketing purposes, which is why this claim does not appear on our packaging or on our product sheets.
Our company is referenced by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) as cruelty-free.
Are your products vegan ?
The majority (over 70%) of our products are vegan. This information is available on each product sheet. we indicate "vegan product" in the sense free from ingredients of animal origin. You can also consult the list of our vegan cosmetics.
Our company is referenced by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals as cruelty-free, but not as cruelty-free & vegan because all the products in our range are not vegan. Indeed, some of our products contain ingredients of animal origin (beeswax, carmine, yogurt powder, or even honey).


How to use my promo code, discount voucher?

Go to your basket, you will find a box labeled "You have a promo code" where you can enter the discount code you want to use. Then click on "Add" to validate the application of the reduction.

Check that this has been taken into account in the total of your order before validating it!

Note that some promo codes are directly accessible from your cart. In this case, you just have to click on it for it to apply.

What are the payment methods accepted on the site?

Hairinque accepts payments by credit card, Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal. All of our payment methods are fully secure.

To find out more about secure payment, contact us.

What does the order status correspond to?
accepted payment  Payment has been made and your order is confirmed (Yeh!)
In preparation                                Our warehouse prepares the package with the products of your order (No more than 24 hours, I promise!)
Shipped Your package has been delivered to the chosen carrier (a little more patience, it should not delay ...)
Delivered The product is in your possession (Let's go for crazy beauty sessions! Do not hesitate to share with us on your networks with #hairinque!)
Canceled (OUPS) The order was canceled by our team for technical reasons or an address outside the delivery area. You have received an email from us with the reason for this cancellation. Note that your order is automatically refunded in the event of a cancellation.
Reimbursed You have just obtained a refund following a return or a cancellation. 

If the package appears as "delivered" on your order status but you have not received your order or if the order is noted as "refunded" but you have not received your refund after 10 days, contact us so that we can investigate with our teams.

I still have not received my order ?

If you ordered less than a week ago, you don't have to worry. Your order will be delivered to you within an indicative period of 3 to 5 working days from the date the package is taken over. It is possible that with the days of closure, it seems to you longer than you expected. If it has been more than 10 days since you placed an order and you still have not received anything, contact our customer service so that we can open an investigation with our carrier. 

Can I modify / cancel my order?

Once you have paid for your order, it is no longer possible to cancel or modify it. Therefore, we invite you to always check all the information relating to your purchase before validating it: the content of your basket, delivery, and billing information.

For any other request relating to the cancellation or modification of your order, do not hesitate to contact customer service either through the contact form or by e-mail at [email protected] or.

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